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Monday, February 14, 2011

A year without China.....sort of

Happy New Year!
So, it's already February, whatever.
This year's resolution? Trying to not buy anything made in China. Yeah.....wrap your head around that one.
Do you know how much is made in China....A....LOT.

Inspired by an idea entirely my sisters, here is the chronicle of two sisters doing some serious conscious shopping all. year. long.
Because you know what, conscious shopping is hard.

Example A: needed a new broom and dust pan, went to Bed Bath and Beyond. Every brand of broom they sold in the store was made in China. They had 5 brands of brooms. Not one was made any where but China. So you know what I had to do, buy the broom and leave the store feeling extremely guilty. NOT COOL BED BATH AND BEYOND.

Example B: wanted to buy a journal for my man friend as a gift on from the Wise Men. He has recently gotten into fermenting foods, so I was buying him a journal so he could log his efforts and write about what worked and what didn't etc...
I went to Barnes and Nobles, only ONE of the journals they sold in the store was not made in China. ONE. Do you know how many journals they have for sale? They have an entire section of journals totaling atleast 20 different kinds. And only ONE was not made in China. The one I bought was a really simple and cute journal made in Italy.

Conscious shopping requires the time and patience to check every label for those 3 little words, "Made in China" and making the decision to keep looking or to not buy it.

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