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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

broke the rules

last week was vacation. aahhh...... so nice.

hubby and i spent the week in sunny, a few days in san bernadino. a few days in newport beach. and a few days in oxnard at mandalay beach. it was a warm cool 75*.

i did not pack from my 33 closet. i'm sorry.

but, i did pack about half my things from my 33 list. i needed beach wear. it's different than saturday wear. turns out a high of 75* isn't exactly warm summer-at-the-beach-warm. i shoulda brought a friggin' hoodie. my cute little cardigan's weren't quite enough.

this is worth sharing.............. i was gone for a week. sunday through sunday. i had my small carry on luggage and my "travel" purse (we all have one of those........... big enough for a book. lots of pockets.). i had workout wear x 3 days. swimsuit. pajamas. skivvies. 3 pairs of shoes (2 pairs of flip flops. not real shoes.). toilletries. clothes to get me through the week. that's pretty light traveling. even my toilletires were pared down.

half my clothes. and my hubby's. unpacked the rest in the dresser.

i have to admit, it was nice traveling light. it was easy. and, no one noticed i wore the same sweater everyday. well, maybe they did.

now, i have post-vacation blues. back to work. a tuesday, like any other tuesday. :)

happy tuesday.

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