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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

project 333

i first read about project 333 months ago. at least 6 months. i was intrigued. the idea is to wear 33 items in your closet for 3 months. the rest gets packed away. every 3 months, you can take stock and trade a few things out as needed for seasons or color change. but, bottom line, you have 33 items to wear for 3 months at a time. check project 333 for a full set of rules........ underwear, work out wear, school or work uniforms are not included, but accessories are.

i finally decided to take the pledge. i thought i'd try it for lent, which started over a week ago...... but, i will do it for 3 months, not just through the 6 weeks of lent.

i started cleaning out my closet last night. the first round was easy. there was a nice pile of things that i pulled out of my closet for being out dated or too big or things i hadn't worn in 5 years. the project continued today........ and, it's getting harder.

i am sitting on the floor of my room as i write this, because i'm stuck. i can't seem to whittle it down to 33. shoes and jewelry and sunglasses and scarves and clothes. for 3 months. i'm trying to approach it as if i was going on a 3 month vacation...... how would i pack? so, i thought blogging about how hard this really is might clear my mind a little.......

here's where i'm at... i know i'll wear....

  1. favorite jeans
  2. jean jacket (a "coley" signature piece) :)
  3. jean mini skirt. i wear it almost every saturday.
  4. brown boots. (to go with the mini. of course).
  5. long grey cardigan.
  6. black skirt (seems practical).
  7. khaki pants.
  8. sunglasses.
  9. purse. i have a pretty little beaded "carpet" bag that i have been using daily for years. why change now?
  10. red patent flats.
  11. brown heels. 
  12. green cardigan.
  13. white blouse.
  14. black tshirt...............
but, i still have at 50 things laying on my bed. i'm going to keep working............

ok, another 2 hours....... 

i am acutely aware that i have emotions tied to certain pieces of clothes. a few obvious one's..... the outfit i wore on our anniversary date. the dress i wore to my brother's wedding. the sweater my mother-in-law knit for me........ but, there a lot of everyday pieces  that don't have any deep meaning. yet, i sense a strange attachment (this doesn't include the guilt of getting rid of a piece that i know was a gift..... even if i don't wear or like it that much...... there is guilt...... i'm working on letting go of that.........). 

the closer i got to the final 33, the harder it was to make a decision. hm. 3 months.

my final count......

  1. favorite jeans
  2. khaki pants
  3. strapless denim dress
  4. turquoise a-line dress
  5. black skirt
  6. denim mini skirt
  7. mustard mini skirt
  8. white short sleeve blouse
  9. white tshirt
  10. black tshirt
  11. grey sleeveless shirt with black bow
  12. grey/white striped short sleeve blouse
  13. navy/white polka dot blouse
  14. red/white striped long sleeve shirt
  15. dark pink ruffle cardigan
  16. green cardigan
  17. light blue cashmere sweater
  18. navy crop jacket
  19. denim jacket
  20. long grey cardigan
  21. multi colored light weight scarf
  22. dark pink cuff bracelet
  23. blue bracelet
  24. metal flower ring
  25. sunglasses
  26. light blue/silver necklace
  27. little bird gold necklace
  28. beaded "carpet bag" purse
  29. brown boots
  30. brown heels
  31. brown dansko clogs
  32. red patent flats
  33. dr.scholls flip flops (pink)
i am not going to pack up the rest of my closet. honestly, it's too much work. i did clean out a lot of things from my closet and i made a space for my 33. i promise to be honest and not stray from my designated pack. i will also post pictures in my flickr account of what i wear............but, i should note....... i do wear scrubs to work, so there won't be daily outfits.....

happy day. :)

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