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Thursday, March 31, 2011


so, i've already realized that i didn't include any earrings in my project 333. i'm not going to change my 33 pieces. i'm just going to exclude earrings this time around. i have about 5 pairs of earrings that i routinely wear. and, of course, i will go through and select out  earrings i rarely wear.

i did have a dinner to go to on tuesday night. i have to admit, it was easy picking out an outfit. i usually moan and whine and try on 20 things and leave a pile in the closet and run 30 minutes late because i can't decide what to wear. this week has been un-seasonably cool. so, i wore my jeans (which are "nice" trouser style jeans) with a long sleeve shirt, my only sweater and my drapey grey cardigan. i think those are all of my long sleeved items. ooohh! and my scarf. really made a great outfit. dinner appropriate. and warm. it was kinda fun to know that's what i was wearing because that's all there was. now, ask me again in 3 months and see how i feel. i suspect i am going to love this! :)

happy day.

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